Around The Good Table

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

My name is Julie, and I’m the blogger & designer behind Kane & Co. I am delighted to have you here with me!

I have found in my life that so many Good conversations happen around the table with people we love. These talks are often inspiring, full of laughter and smiles. Other times they can be awkward, uncomfortable, or downright miserable. However, they are always “good” in that communication is vital in relationships, human interaction is how we thrive in this big world with hope invited in. My wish for this blog is to create The Good Table for us to come together and share what makes us tick as wonder women, faith believers, and side hustlers!

On the blog, you’ll find inspiration for decorating your home, creating simple life hacks to thrive in a super fast-paced life, favorite finds for fashion and home decor and thoughts on family, faith, and life.

Kane & Co. began as a side hustle in 2013 as a residential and small commercial interior design business and is adding e-design services along with a blog in 2018. Interior design has always been a passion of mine and blogging feels like a natural extension of my love for the built environment, connecting with others, and real-life living, in all of its glory and not so glorious moments!

Over these past several years growing the business, I have uncovered a sincere desire to encourage and inspire women to be creative in their everyday lives. Creativity comes out differently in all of us. For you, it might look like picking up a good book for the first time in years, giving yourself 15 minutes of personal time, moving furniture around to make a room more welcoming, or trying new ways to organize your family schedule. Allowing yourself the time to explore and discover your passions will fill your heart with joy, and that is when you will feel your best. Now that is something to feel Good about!

So pull up a seat at The Good Table. You’ll get a little bit of everything – home decorating, crafting, organizing, beauty & fashion and always a real, raw, never perfect, but still, faith-inspired post – all in the hopes that you’ll leave feeling encouraged and permit yourself to be creative in your everyday.