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Affordable Bathroom Updates That Look Fabulous

Our house was built in 1999, and it has undergone a few updates throughout the years – laminate floors in the kitchen and laundry room and new carpet throughout the rest of the home. I suspect the cabinets in the kitchen and baths are a later addition as well.  Even with those updates over the last 19 years, most of the house still feels a bit dated. We’ve spent the past two years slowly making changes to bring a more modern, current feel to our home. The little bathroom is our latest demolition.

This little bathroom is just down the hall from our kitchen and is the only bathroom for the main floor and basement. As a designer, I have lofty visions for my home, but I have small budgets, therefore I have "phased" remodels. The first phase goals are to spruce up the bathroom and bring it into the current decade.

Bathroom Demo - Crooked Beadboard!

Bathroom Demo - Crooked Beadboard!

Last summer my husband took our son on a Cub Scout campout for the weekend and I thought it would be the perfect time to tackle this "weekend" project. The previous homeowner hung beadboard behind the mirror and vanity, which is cute, but it was crooked! I cringed every time I looked at the wall. I wish I had a better "before" picture, but I was midway through demo when I stopped to snap a picture.

I successfully removed the beadboard, all of the hardware in the bathroom and then I was left this mess. 

Bathroom Demo

I proceeded to walk away in mid demolition, and this is how my bathroom looks today, yes right this minute! A few weeks ago I wrote about Resolutions for Your Soul, and this was one of those moments I decided to put down the hammer and rest while my boys were camping. 7 months later, I am ready to tackle this mess of a bathroom, and I hope you enjoy reading along as we go through the process!

Can you see bits of red peeking through? Wasn't Merlot Red such a favorite color in the late 90's? And then there is this shiny, golden beige that is washed on the walls ALL OVER my home. Here is a designer tip: DO NOT paint your walls with semi-gloss paint, EVER. I have to sand these walls before I can paint over them because the color wants to peel off of the wall. I couldn't make this up if I tried, did I mention it is ALL OVER my home? I also managed to take off parts of the drywall when I removed the beadboard, so I had to re-mud the wall and it has to be sanded too. Oh, the ceiling also has to be repainted because there are hints of gold beige around the edges.

Bathroom Demo - Time to paint the ceiling.

Bathroom Demo - Time to paint the ceiling.

I am so excited to tone down these walls with a soft, creamy white. I chose Sherwin Williams Natural Choice 7011 in Satin. I prefer the Duration line for its thickness and smooth application. It is also incredibly scrubbable and holds up to family life!  Right now the vanity is maple and matches the maple laminate flooring. I plan to paint it Sherwin Williams Westchester Gray 2849 to help create some contrast in the room. For cabinets and trim, I use ProClassic Waterborne Interior Acrylic Enamel. Durability is on point, and it has "stuff" in it that allows the brush lines to disappear as it dries. 

Here are all of the fun accessories I plan to add to bring this bathroom up to date! My favorite part, nothing here is over $50.00. Who said you couldn't have style on a budget? I think these little updates will do a lot to bring our little bathroom up to date.

Affordable Bathroom Updates.jpg

I love the simple lines and graphic patterns; I think they pack a punch in a tiny space.  We are going to use  scraps from a previous project to create two shelves over the toilet to display the accessories and add a little storage. Speaking of shelving, the vanity mirror also has a thin black shelf which is a huge bonus considering there is very little counter space.

If you are interested in any of the products I selected, you can click on the photo and buy directly from the site! Sadly the drawer pulls I purchased are now discontinued, but I added a second option if I had to re-select again. Something I treasure in our home is laughter. In every room, I try to add a little whimsy or a piece of quirkiness just to lighten the mood. It creates an environment of comfort and allows for a silly conversation. I am obsessed with my beagle and the Netflix series, Breaking Bad, and not for the dark tones of the show. Those writers are seriously brilliant, the symbolism oozes from the television, and I can't ever get enough of it! My husband found this print appropriately named "Heisenbeagle" and purchased it for me this past Christmas. He is going to greet everyone who uses our little bathroom. 

For phase two we plan to replace the flooring where ever we have laminate floors, and I would love a new vanity and counter that doesn't feel so "beefy" in the room. I also am thinking wallpaper; there I said it and I mean it! But for today, we are going to enjoy these little updates and love making our house our home! 

Are you interested in giving your home a little update? Feel free to head over to The Shop and purchase a consultation. I can create a space perfect for you and your budget, whether you are local or live halfway around the world. Online design is becoming wildly popular, and I would love to help you affordably update your room!

Here is a sample of what this looks like! 
Affordable Bathroom Updates

Kane & Co. Prayer

My Prayer for this week...

Heavenly Father, I ask that you bless all who walk through our home with your presence and that they know you love them. I pray that our home is filled with joy and laughter and through your grace, we tackle the challenges we will face with you first in our hearts and minds. I know when this home was built in 1999, you had our family in your sights with every piece of lumber nailed together, it was with us in mind, and we will cherish you all of our days. Amen.