Affordable Bathroom Updates That Look Fabulous

Our house was built in 1999, and it has undergone a few updates throughout the years – laminate floors in the kitchen and laundry room and new carpet throughout the rest of the home. I suspect the cabinets in the kitchen and baths are a later addition as well.  Even with those updates over the last 19 years, most of the house still feels a bit dated. We’ve spent the past two years slowly making changes to bring a more modern, current feel to our home. The little bathroom is our latest demolition.

This little bathroom is just down the hall from our kitchen and is the only bathroom for the main floor and basement. As a designer, I have lofty visions for my home, but I have small budgets, therefore I have "phased" remodels. The first phase goals are to spruce up the bathroom and bring it into the current decade.

Bathroom Demo - Crooked Beadboard!

Bathroom Demo - Crooked Beadboard!

Last summer my husband took our son on a Cub Scout campout for the weekend and I thought it would be the perfect time to tackle this "weekend" project. The previous homeowner hung beadboard behind the mirror and vanity, which is cute, but it was crooked! I cringed every time I looked at the wall. I wish I had a better "before" picture, but I was midway through demo when I stopped to snap a picture.

I successfully removed the beadboard, all of the hardware in the bathroom and then I was left this mess. 

Bathroom Demo

I proceeded to walk away in mid demolition, and this is how my bathroom looks today, yes right this minute! A few weeks ago I wrote about Resolutions for Your Soul, and this was one of those moments I decided to put down the hammer and rest while my boys were camping. 7 months later, I am ready to tackle this mess of a bathroom, and I hope you enjoy reading along as we go through the process!

Can you see bits of red peeking through? Wasn't Merlot Red such a favorite color in the late 90's? And then there is this shiny, golden beige that is washed on the walls ALL OVER my home. Here is a designer tip: DO NOT paint your walls with semi-gloss paint, EVER. I have to sand these walls before I can paint over them because the color wants to peel off of the wall. I couldn't make this up if I tried, did I mention it is ALL OVER my home? I also managed to take off parts of the drywall when I removed the beadboard, so I had to re-mud the wall and it has to be sanded too. Oh, the ceiling also has to be repainted because there are hints of gold beige around the edges.

Bathroom Demo - Time to paint the ceiling.

Bathroom Demo - Time to paint the ceiling.

I am so excited to tone down these walls with a soft, creamy white. I chose Sherwin Williams Natural Choice 7011 in Satin. I prefer the Duration line for its thickness and smooth application. It is also incredibly scrubbable and holds up to family life!  Right now the vanity is maple and matches the maple laminate flooring. I plan to paint it Sherwin Williams Westchester Gray 2849 to help create some contrast in the room. For cabinets and trim, I use ProClassic Waterborne Interior Acrylic Enamel. Durability is on point, and it has "stuff" in it that allows the brush lines to disappear as it dries. 

Here are all of the fun accessories I plan to add to bring this bathroom up to date! My favorite part, nothing here is over $50.00. Who said you couldn't have style on a budget? I think these little updates will do a lot to bring our little bathroom up to date.

Affordable Bathroom Updates.jpg

I love the simple lines and graphic patterns; I think they pack a punch in a tiny space.  We are going to use  scraps from a previous project to create two shelves over the toilet to display the accessories and add a little storage. Speaking of shelving, the vanity mirror also has a thin black shelf which is a huge bonus considering there is very little counter space.

If you are interested in any of the products I selected, you can click on the photo and buy directly from the site! Sadly the drawer pulls I purchased are now discontinued, but I added a second option if I had to re-select again. Something I treasure in our home is laughter. In every room, I try to add a little whimsy or a piece of quirkiness just to lighten the mood. It creates an environment of comfort and allows for a silly conversation. I am obsessed with my beagle and the Netflix series, Breaking Bad, and not for the dark tones of the show. Those writers are seriously brilliant, the symbolism oozes from the television, and I can't ever get enough of it! My husband found this print appropriately named "Heisenbeagle" and purchased it for me this past Christmas. He is going to greet everyone who uses our little bathroom. 

For phase two we plan to replace the flooring where ever we have laminate floors, and I would love a new vanity and counter that doesn't feel so "beefy" in the room. I also am thinking wallpaper; there I said it and I mean it! But for today, we are going to enjoy these little updates and love making our house our home! 

Are you interested in giving your home a little update? Feel free to head over to The Shop and purchase a consultation. I can create a space perfect for you and your budget, whether you are local or live halfway around the world. Online design is becoming wildly popular, and I would love to help you affordably update your room!

Here is a sample of what this looks like! 
Affordable Bathroom Updates

Kane & Co. Prayer

My Prayer for this week...

Heavenly Father, I ask that you bless all who walk through our home with your presence and that they know you love them. I pray that our home is filled with joy and laughter and through your grace, we tackle the challenges we will face with you first in our hearts and minds. I know when this home was built in 1999, you had our family in your sights with every piece of lumber nailed together, it was with us in mind, and we will cherish you all of our days. Amen.

Friday Favorites & Birthday Celebrations

Happy Friday!

When I started dreaming up this blog I wanted there to be a mixture of real-life lessons swirled in with fun little treasures. Today I want to talk about some of those treasures.

My week was a mixture of pure fun and the usual chores and routine.

Martin Luther King Day brought more snow and an extra day to enjoy with my sweet boy. The rest of the week included chocolate chip cookies, sledding, watching “I am Not Your Negro,” grocery shopping, finally packing away all of the Christmas decorations, making new business cards and working on our goals, and reading my new Magnolia magazine!

Sometimes these cold winter days make me want to crawl back into bed and hibernate. Luckily, my dad bought me the coziest robe for Christmas, so I slid that on, poured a cup of coffee and snuggled up at the computer! I’d like to call this hybrid hibernation… half productive, ALL cozy.

I thought it would be fun to talk about some of my favorite finds this week!

Kane & Co. January Friday Favorites.jpg
  • I can't believe I am saying this but Valentine's Day is right around the corner. (I just finished saying goodbye to Christmas!) I snagged this cute garland for our fireplace mantel. Look at those sweet felt hearts with the stitching and beaded embellishments. I can't wait to hang it up.
  • We are currently doing a small renovation in our powder room and I picked up this Project 62 mirror at Target. I love the clean lines and the little shelf at the base. It will be perfect for getting things off the counter in our small space. Next week I will share more details on the project, stay tuned!
  • Speaking of that robe I am hibernating in… click here to check it out. 
  • My sister-in-law always gives the most thoughtful gifts and I am currently reading my first subscription to Magnolia Magazine. I am in love with all of the photos and the articles, it is a great combination of design and cooking and everyday life. A small way to press pause on the day and enjoy something just for you! The pages even feel velvety... what a treat!
  • I couldn't resist these red and white buffalo plaid pillow covers for my living room chairs. They are 18"x18" so make sure your insert is 20"x20," and your pillows will be plush and beautiful. I also have these in black and white. 

This weekend we will celebrate my sweet baby's 8th birthday around our Good table. It is true that the days are long but the years are short. He blesses our home with a larger than life personality and fills our walls with joy and laughter always. I believe he is an old soul; he is so wise for 8, he will move mountains one day. Grandpa is coming down from Chicago, and we are planning a day of Carter's favorites. Cinnamon roll breakfast, a trip to the Wonderlab in Bloomington, In, and dinner at his favorite Bub's Burgers.  

Kane & Co. Birthday Celebrations.jpg

My prayer this week for my boy...

Heavenly Father, You have given me the most precious gift in life. Your works are awesome; Carter is perfect because of You. I could never explain how grateful I am to experience the love and joy he brings to our lives. Protector, keep my baby safe under your watchful eye and continue to fill his soul with faith and keep his heart and mind open to accepting you. Let me never take this priceless gift for granted. Lord, please bless his steps today and each day forward. 

It is in Your name I pray, Amen. 



Resolutions For Your Soul


I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted after the Christmas holiday. So much hustle and bustle, this year we had the wicked “flumageddon” as my husband called it, sweep through our home and throw us into a tailspin that we are still trying recover from three weeks later.  I feel overwhelmed by the pressure of resolutions and feeling as if I have to master that ongoing task list once and for all! You know the "list," the one that weighs us down in the middle of the night, telling us what we should be doing, who we should be, how we should live our lives and take care of our families. Our instinct is to work harder to prove that we can do it all, over-committing, over-working, over-doing it, inherently exhausting our souls. And when the day is done, we are left feeling inadequate and not enough.

The last week of 2016 we were visiting with my family in Illinois. It was our last day of our trip and decided to have breakfast with my Dad at our favorite diner before leaving for Indy. Our server had just set our food down and walked away when I picked up my fork to dive into my short stack of pancakes and suddenly had a heart palpitation that caused a short blackout. I was sitting next to my Dad, with my husband and son across from me, and remember reaching for his arm because I couldn’t speak and suddenly feeling extremely panicked as I lost all control of my body. As quickly as this blackout happened, it was over, but when I returned, I realized my Dad, husband, and son were all staring at me with panicked looks on their faces. I am sure my face read the same way, but in true soldier fashion, I brushed it off and insisted that we all eat up; after all, we had a busy day ahead! Except I couldn’t shake the experience and the terrified look on my sweet sons face; I knew this was bigger than I was willing to admit and that afternoon I reluctantly made the decision to call the doctor.

2017 started off with a series of tests and doctors appointments. I was always frustrated because I was too busy to be sitting in a waiting room and wearing heart monitor all the time was intrusive and uncomfortable.  I didn’t have time to be sick. I should have been with a client or be helping my beloved church with their grand opening or helping in my son's classroom. 


One day while I was waiting for an appointment a friend posted a picture on Facebook of a book she was reading for the New Year, and immediately I was drawn to the title; Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living by Shauna Niequist. Wait a minute! I want to ditch frantic for simple and soulful! I ordered it from Amazon right away. Here is the link if for you to take a peek too!

In her message, Shauna shares details about her life as a 36-year-old wife, mother, writer, who was traveling all the time to promote her latest book, or creating new recipes for her next cookbook, and running to basketball games in between everything else.

She says, “In many ways, I loved this life – loved my husband, adored my kids, was so thankful to be a writer. But it’s like I was pulling a little red wagon, and as I pulled it along, I filled it so full that I could hardly keep pulling. The red wagon my life, and the weight of pulling it was destroying me. I was aware I was missing the very thing I so badly longed for, connection, meaning, peace. But there was something that kept driving me forward – a set of beliefs and instincts that kept pushing, pushing, pushing even as I was longing to rest. “


Did Shauna just write about her life or was she describing my own? I longed for meaningful relationships and peace… I would beg God to help me find peace within myself, yet I continued to push, push, push. 

She continues, “My prayer is that this book will be a thousand invitations, springing up from every page, calling you to leave behind the heavy weight of comparison. Competition, and exhaustion and to recraft a life marked by meaning, connection, and unconditional love.”

After the month of tests on my heart, my cardiologist came back with the big news. He said, “Julie, I couldn’t find anything wrong with your heart other than the occasional palpation, and you fall into the normal range for having them. You are a healthy 36-year-old woman from a medical standpoint, but I want to caution you,” And then he said it, “Stress can do vicious things to our bodies if we aren’t taking care of them. I believe you need to start taking better care of yourself.” At that moment I had to wonder, Did I just let the chaos and the noise of the life I was living silence the whispers of my spirit enough to physically damage my own body? It was then I realized this was God’s prescription to slow down and rest.


I wish I could say I read this book and surrendered my old way of thinking and living that I threw the chaos out the window and turned over my heart a soul to a new way of living. In the last year, I have failed over and over again, but I am learning how to pause and ask myself, is this is “life filling” or “life draining”? I invite you to join me on this journey of learning to say yes to meaning, connection, and unconditional love and waving goodbye to perfect, self-comparison, and business.  Here is my only real resolution for 2018, continue practicing being present and loving myself enough to allow, peace for calm, into my soul.

My prayer for us as we begin to close this week…


Heavenly Father, we are struggling with distracted lives, we rattle our minds with constant activity, we are so often ignoring our cries rest and calm and believing this is a regular part of life. This behavior might be typical but Lord, don’t let this be our routine. Instead of trying to master the chaos all around us, let us rejoice with confidence that we do not have to do this alone! You have already made Your way to us, and because of that, we all have hope within us. Give us the wisdom to listen to your voice and face the next moments with loving-kindness toward others and ourselves.  Amen.

Around The Good Table

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

My name is Julie, and I’m the blogger & designer behind Kane & Co. I am delighted to have you here with me!

I have found in my life that so many Good conversations happen around the table with people we love. These talks are often inspiring, full of laughter and smiles. Other times they can be awkward, uncomfortable, or downright miserable. However, they are always “good” in that communication is vital in relationships, human interaction is how we thrive in this big world with hope invited in. My wish for this blog is to create The Good Table for us to come together and share what makes us tick as wonder women, faith believers, and side hustlers!

On the blog, you’ll find inspiration for decorating your home, creating simple life hacks to thrive in a super fast-paced life, favorite finds for fashion and home decor and thoughts on family, faith, and life.

Kane & Co. began as a side hustle in 2013 as a residential and small commercial interior design business and is adding e-design services along with a blog in 2018. Interior design has always been a passion of mine and blogging feels like a natural extension of my love for the built environment, connecting with others, and real-life living, in all of its glory and not so glorious moments!

Over these past several years growing the business, I have uncovered a sincere desire to encourage and inspire women to be creative in their everyday lives. Creativity comes out differently in all of us. For you, it might look like picking up a good book for the first time in years, giving yourself 15 minutes of personal time, moving furniture around to make a room more welcoming, or trying new ways to organize your family schedule. Allowing yourself the time to explore and discover your passions will fill your heart with joy, and that is when you will feel your best. Now that is something to feel Good about!

So pull up a seat at The Good Table. You’ll get a little bit of everything – home decorating, crafting, organizing, beauty & fashion and always a real, raw, never perfect, but still, faith-inspired post – all in the hopes that you’ll leave feeling encouraged and permit yourself to be creative in your everyday.